JustDo - All-purpose Source-Available Project Management Platform

All-purpose Project Management Platform

Source-available, fully customizable solution that you, and your clients, will simply fall in love with.
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Company Merger Planning: From Due Diligence to Acquisition
Auto-Elaborate Tasks: Automatically break tasks into sub-tasks
Auto-Elaborate Tasks
Automatically break tasks into sub-tasks
Task Chat with AI: Auto-summarize tasks and chat with AI about them
Task Chat with AI
Auto-summarize tasks and chat with AI about them
Getting Started with JustDo: Learn what JustDo can do for you!
Getting Started with JustDo
Learn what JustDo can do for you!
JustDo AI: Create your project with a single prompt
JustDo AI
Create your project with a single prompt
Our AI Assistant: Create tasks from text messages and documents!
Our AI Assistant
Create tasks from text messages and documents!
Supported Languages
Years in the Market
Tasks Per Board
Customization Options
Colorful Themes
By consultants, for consultants
Quickly address your clients' need
Fully Source-Available
Every client has unique needs. JustDo's design is highly modular, with modern and easily navigable code. Add the finishing touches your client requires, and you're ready to ship.
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Enhanced Scalability & Seamless Deployment
JustDo is engineered for effortless deployment and exceptional scalability. With a robust architecture, it supports hundreds of thousands of tasks per project, distinguishing it as a truly enterprise-grade solution. This capability ensures seamless performance and expansion, perfectly aligning with the growth of your clients' projects.
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Multiple Sources of Revenue
JustDo provides a holistic package of services for you to offer your clients. By adopting JustDo, you can sell hosting, development, training, maintenance, and support services, creating a reliable and ongoing revenue stream. Our comprehensive platform empowers you to expand your business offerings and maximize profitability.
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Simple Cost Structure
We don’t take a percentage of your sales. Our pricing is clear and simple, with a flat monthly fee per user and fixed prices for a la carte premium features like Gantt and AI. This transparent pricing structure ensures you always know what to expect, allowing you to confidently forecast your costs and potential profits. For full details, visit our pricing page .
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Use Your Brand - White-Label Ready
Enhance your clients' brand presence with JustDo's white-label capabilities. Customize the platform with their logos, color schemes, and unique identities to create a seamless, branded experience.
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Top Security - Intranet Deployment Available
Clients in sensitive industries often require highly secure deployment within their intranet, sometimes, even without internet access. JustDo supports this unique deployment option, providing an ultra-secure, on-premise environment that few competing solutions can offer.
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Speaks the Language of Your Clients
With our advanced translation system, JustDo can be translated into the top 100 languages in the world within days, ensuring a seamless experience for your local clients. If your market needs a translation we don't yet offer, don't hesitate to contact us! We're eager to consider additions, especially for markets without any available solutions .
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AI Assisted Demos
With JustDo's AI assisted demos, your clients can describe their desired project, and we'll generate an immediate structure for a quick demo. This feature is ideal for impressing clients, and catch their attention.
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Crafted with the experience of successful businesses
Modern project management platform
Collaboration and Communication
JustDo seamlessly merges communication and collaboration with powerful project management. Selectively share tasks with clients and vendors, maintain comprehensive email and chat records, and organize project documents efficiently. Meanwhile, manage multiple projects with Gantt charts and dependencies, track time, and balance workloads—all under one intuitive platform.
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Flexible CMS and ERP Platform
JustDo is more than just project management software. It seamlessly functions as both a CMS and ERP system. Its high degree of customizability makes it ideal for a variety of business applications, offering robust, tailored solutions to meet specific industry needs. This versatility makes JustDo the perfect platform for businesses looking to integrate comprehensive management tools with the flexibility of a CMS.
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Full AI Integration
With JustDo's advanced AI capabilities, you can quickly generate project structures from a single prompt, convert documents and contracts into tasks, produce comprehensive summaries, and run detailed queries about your projects.
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Choose Who Sees What
Selective task sharing lets you invite clients, vendors, and stakeholders to your board while ensuring they only see what is shared with them. Our flexible permissions system accommodates a wide range of access controls, providing tailored visibility and security for every participant.
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Manage Multiple Projects on One Board
With JustDo's support for massive boards containing over 200,000 tasks, managing multiple projects on a single board becomes convenient and efficient. Organize, monitor, and execute all your projects seamlessly in one centralized place.
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Gantt & Dependencies
JustDo's fully-featured Gantt with Cross Project Dependencies. Enabling efficient planning, coordination, and tracking to keep projects on schedule.
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Chat Channels, Emails, Files
Boost team collaboration with dedicated chat channels for every task. Discuss ideas in real-time, directly within your project, for seamless communication. Send emails directly to tasks, creating a centralized record accessible to everyone, even external collaborators. Effortlessly manage, share, and organize all your project documents in one place, keeping your team aligned and productive.
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Enterprise Grade Plugins
JustDo offers a range of enterprise-grade plugins to enhance your project management capabilities. Identify, and manage risks with our Risk Management Plugin that ensure project success and resilience. Accurately track time spent on tasks with intuitive Time Tracking for precise resource allocation. Optimize task allocation and balance workloads across team members with Resource & Load Management. These are just a few of the many powerful plugins available in JustDo.
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